Boonoo Boonoo National Park

Boonoo BoonooBoonoo Boonoo is a woodland park with spectacular river and gorge scenery complementing nearby Bald Rock National Park.

The spectacular Boonoo Boonoo Falls cascade over the eastern edge of the New England Tableland, crashing 210 metres into the rainforest and gorges below.

Capturing the additional moisture below the falls is a rainforest gully, this alone is worth a visit for the experience. A graded walking track descends from the main parking area to a viewing platform which gives impressive views of the falls, sheer granite cliffs and the gorge.

This park has special appeal to bushwalkers and day visitors and hosts a rest area with amenities at the top of the falls. In the south western section of the Park is historic Morgan's Gully where an alluvial goldfield attracted hundreds of miners in the 1890's,  and Cypress Rest Area another popular place for camping, bushwalking, and summer swimming.

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