Villages of Tenterfield Shire

Tenterfield's villages offer their own charm, why don't you explore and see for yourself.

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Drake - Until the late 1900's cattle and timber were Drake's primary industries, as well as a camp site for wagons, drovers, bullock teams and settlers passing between inland and coastal rivers.

Jennings - Jennings is one of the twin towns  of Jennings and Wallangarra which are divided by the railway station placed exactly on the border of New South Wales and Queensland.

Legume - Situated in the northeast corner of the Shire, the small progressive community of Legume offers visitors hospitality and charm for which country villages are renowned.

Liston - Situated high in the mountains of the Great Dividing Range, Liston is a small rural village surrounded by lush gently undulating country.

Torrington - Torrington has a broad range of activities for visitors including bushwalking and fossicking.

Urbenville - Urbenville serves as the northern gateway to Tenterfield Shire.