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Local Heritage Fund Purpose

A local Heritage Places Fund has been established by Tenterfield Shire Council with contributory funds from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.  The aim of the fund is to encourage as much positive work on heritage items in the area as possible. The fund will enable applicants to undertake sympathetic repairs to their properties which are consistent with generally accepted heritage principles.  Replacing like with like, repainting properties in a colour scheme based on historic evidence and traditional colours for the period and style of the building, using recycled or traditional materials where possible and undertaking research on the history of a property before undertaking repairs are key ideas which are encouraged by the program.

The Local Heritage Fund funds projects:

  • for conservation and maintenance works;
  • to meet National Construction Code Australia upgrades (fire, services, and access) for ongoing and new uses;
  • for heritage items and items in conservation areas in the Tenterfield Local Environmental Plan 2013.

Projects funded through the Local Heritage Fund

Projects which involve the repair, maintenance or reinstatement of missing items on heritage buildings in the nominated area.  These include fences, verandahs, roof cladding and decorative detail and may also include structural work through to final painting.


A local community group manages a building which is a local heritage item in the Tenterfield LEP. They are planning to do maintenance works to repair the exterior roof and replace guttering and downpipes. These works will cost $5,000. They apply for a grant of $2,500 and will contribute $2,500 themselves towards the project.

Type of funding available

It is proposed that the maximum level of funding per project will generally be limited to $2,000.00, however greater funding may be made if circumstances warrant it. All funding is based on a dollar for dollar basis, whereby the applicant contributes at least the same amount as is sought under the funding application.

Opening and closing dates for applying for grants from the Local Heritage Fund

Applications closed on 11 September 2020.  Applications will now be considered at Council’s Special Purpose Heritage Advisory Committee, after which time applicants will be notified in writing of their application status.

Who can apply for grants from the Local Heritage Fund?

All owners and managers of heritage items or items in a Heritage Conservation Area in the Tenterfield Local Environmental Plan 2013 or projects supported by Council’s Heritage Advisor can apply for grants from the Local Heritage Fund.

You cannot apply for funding if you are a state government agency, but may be involved as a project partner.

What projects can be funded by the Local Heritage Fund?

Funding is available for heritage items that are:

  • listed as heritage items in the Tenterfield Local Environmental Plan 2013, or
  • included in a conservation area in the Tenterfield Local Environmental Plan 2013, or
  • supported by the Council’s Heritage Advisor or other heritage specialist as being of heritage significance.

What projects cannot be funded by the Local Heritage Fund?

Funding will not be available from the local heritage fund for:

  • new buildings;
  • routine maintenance, e.g. lawn mowing, gutter cleaning or carpet cleaning;
  • projects where adequate funding is available from the applicant or other sources;
  • new commemorative monuments or works;
  • the purchase of heritage buildings;
  • the relocation of buildings or works to relocate buildings;
  • private headstones, unless there is no possibility of descendant support;
  • floodlighting of heritage buildings;
  • the purchase of equipment;
  • moveable railway heritage items.
  • previously completed works

Agreed funding priorities

Priority will be given to projects that are:

  • A major conservation project of a significant heritage item;
  • for heritage item(s) in a well-maintained heritage streetscape or landscape setting;
  • for heritage item(s) with public access and visibility;
  • for urgent maintenance works to avert management risks, e.g. severe deterioration, demolition, or demolition by neglect;
  • for items that are part of a heritage group or a precinct;
  • fire, service and access upgrades for compliance with the Building Code of Australia;
  • for ongoing or adaptive reuse of heritage item(s);
  • for items that have not received council funding support in the last five years.

Common selection criteria

Funding is targeted to projects:

  • with sustainable long-term heritage benefits
  • that are for public benefit and enjoyment
  • that show innovation and leadership
  • where the project partners have the capacity and commitment to undertake the project
  • that demonstrate funding equity and cost effectiveness.

Applications are now closed

Projects will be assessed by Council’s Heritage Advisor, a report presented to the Special Purpose Local Heritage Advisory Committee and a final decision made by Council. In assessing your application, the quality and clarity of information provided will be taken into account.

A funding offer and contract will be sent to successful applicants in October/November 2020.

On your acceptance of this offer, all projects must be completed and all funding claimed by 9 April 2021 at the latest.

The Tenterfield Council Local Heritage Places Fund 2020/21 is a targeted funding program. Projects must meet eligibility criteria, funding priorities and common selection criteria. However, in exceptional circumstances, Council reserves the right to recommend funding for projects that may not fully meet these requirements.

Further information

For further information please contact Council’s Manager Planning & Development Services, Tamai Davidson on 02 6736 6002 or email