Local Heritage Places Fund 2022-2023

Tenterfield's Mainstreet

A local Heritage Places Fund has been established by Tenterfield Shire Council with partially matching funds from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.  The aim of the fund is to encourage as much positive work on heritage items in the area as possible. The fund will enable applicants to undertake sympathetic repairs to their properties which are consistent with generally accepted heritage principles.  Replacing like with like, repainting properties in their original colours, using recycled or traditional materials where possible and undertaking research on the history of a property before undertaking repairs are key ideas which are encouraged by the program.

The local heritage fund funds projects:

  • for conservation and maintenance works
  • to meet National Construction Code upgrades (fire, services, and access) for ongoing and new uses
  • for heritage items and items in conservation areas in the Tenterfield Local Environmental Plan 2013.

Applications for the fund for 2022-23 have now closed and Council will consider the applications at its ordinary meeting of 24 August 2022.

Local Heritage Places Fund 2022-23 – Application Form

Fund Guidelines 2022-23