Agency Information Guide

Outline of documents/information available/not available for public access

There is a right of access under the Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPAA) to certain documents held by Council unless there is an overriding public interest not to do so.  Any applications under GIPAA will be processed in accordance with the Act's requirements and a determination made to release the documents or refuse access on the basis of the relevant considerations under the Act.

  • Charges for formal applications are in accordance with the GIPAA Fees and Charges and include a $30.00 application fee.
  • In some circumstances processing charges may also be applied.
  • Schedule 5 of GIPAA requires that certain documents are to be made publicly available for inspection, free of charge.

Contact Details

  • Right to Information Officer Ms Kylie Smith
  • Phone: 02 6736 6000
  • Fax: 02 6736 6005


Agency Information Guide