HealthInfoNet - Resource Relating to Indigenous Health

The HealthInfoNet is an innovative free national internet resource that aims to inform practice and policy in Indigenous health by making an evidence base readily available.  The HealthInfoNet through its work, is contributing to "closing the gap" in health between Indigenous and other Australians.

The HealthInfoNet website provides comprehensive information:

  • Indigenous road safety
  • Environmental Health
  • Access reviews, key facts, plain language policies and strategies and/or regulations and standards
  • Programs and projects
  • Resources/Publications
  • Organisational information
  • Workforce issues

Sharing your information to benefit others

Do you have any programs, projects or resources relating to Indigenous road safety and environmental health that you would like to share?  HealthInfoNet provides the opportunity for this information to be added to its website.

If you would like further information, please email or ring (08) 9370 6336.