World War 1 Veteran List

This list contains the names of the men and women from the Tenterfield Shire who answered the call to enlist for service in World War 1.
The servicemen who died during or as a result of service while a member of an Australian military force or unit which was or could be sent overseas is indicated by a “+” sign next to their name.

All care has been taken to be accurate and inclusive when compiling this list.
When comparing the names from Tenterfield Shire honour boards with the National Archives of Australia, Australian War Memorial, and other resources, the following anomalies were found in some instances:

  • Misspelt names on Records and Honour Boards.
  • People being known only by a nickname, or some other name
  • Transcription errors from hand written documents.
  • Shire boundaries have changed since the time of WW1.

These anomalies have made matching difficult therefore the list is open to corrective submissions when errors are found. Please contact the Tenterfield Shire Council with the information if you wish to make an adjustment to the list.

World War 1 Servicemen & Women Commemorative List