Tenterfield was declared a township when a notice appeared in the Government Gazette on 7th October 1851, after a community had formed around Tenterfield Station Homestead.

Tenterfield Shire Council was formed on the 1st January 1975 following one of the first voluntary amalgamations of Local Government authorities, between Tenterfield Municipal Council and Tenterfield Shire Council.  The unimproved capital value of the new Shire was made up of 87% from the former Shire and 13% from the former Municipality.  Today, Council's administrative base is in Tenterfield with Works Depots at Tenterfield, Urbenville, and Legume.

Our Mission

Tenterfield Shire Council provides local civic leadership and a wide range of community services and facilities.

Our mission statement "Quality Nature, Quality Heritage and Quality Lifestyle" provides focus and direction in the manner in which we provide leadership and service.

Our Vision

  • To establish a Shire where the environment will be protected and enhanced to ensure sustainability and inter-generational equity,
  • To recognise and actively develop our cultural strengths and unique heritage,
  • To establish a prosperous Shire through balanced, sustainable economic growth managed in a way to create quality lifestyles and satisfy the employment, environmental and social aims of the community.
  • To establish a community spirit which encourages a quality lifestyle, supports health and social well-being, promotes family life and lifestyle choices,
  • To establish a community spirit which promotes opportunities to participate in sport and recreation, promotes equal access to all services and facilities, and
  • To encourage all people to participate in the economic and social life of the community with a supportive attitude towards equal life chances and equal opportunity for access to the Shire's resources.

Our Corporate Values

Our corporate values express how we as Council wish to conduct ourselves as an organisation and reflects the manner in which Council desires to engage with its community.  They provide a reference point for all staff.  Our five (5) corporate values are:

  • Integrity - ensuring openness and honesty in all our activities
  • Community focus - delivering prompt, courteous and helpful service
  • Accountability - accepting responsibility for providing quality services and information
  • Respect - treating people with courtesy, dignity and fairness regardless of our personal feelings about the person or issue
  • Excellence - being recognised for providing services and programs that aim for best practice.

Sister City

Council has formed strong links with our Sister City, Ottobeuren in Germany


Tenterfield Stannum House & Ottoberun Holy Trinity Organ of the Abbey Church