Health and Safety Management Plan

This Health and Safety Management Plan describes the management of health and safety for the Tenterfield Shire Council and was adopted by Council on 19 December 2012.

Key strategies of the Council are described in policies and documents which are included as appendices to this document.

Health and Safety Management Plan - Doc No: 1 (PDF - 221.6KB)

Appendices (some information currently being updated)

Appendix A - Health and Safety Policy - 4.157 (PDF - 38.96KB)

Appendix B - Drugs, Alcohol & Medication in the Workplace Policy - 4.040 (PDF - 50.04KB)

Appendix C - Smoking in the Workplace Policy - 4.230 (unavailable)

Appendix D - Tenterfield Shire Council Organisation Structure (unavailable)

Appendix E - Ememrengy Management/Evacuation Plan (unavailable)

Appendix F - Risk Assessment Form Template (unavailable)

Appendix G - Safe Work Method Statement Template (unavailable)

Appendix H - Induction (unavailable)

Appendix I - Site Safety Rules (unavailable)