Road Network Management Plan

Within the limit of available resources and in accordance with Council's Policies and
adopted priorities, this Road Network Management Plan has the following objectives:

  • To provide a reasonable standard of access for local and through traffic in rural, urban and village areas of Tenterfield Shire; and
  • To provide a consistent and robust methodology for the inclusion/exclusion of roads and streets to be maintained within Tenterfield Shire;
  • To maintain and preserve the road network to provide an adequate functional level of service, consistent with road category and usage; and
  • To provide relief from dust impacts on residences adjacent to unsealed roads, through a continuing program of establishing Dust Abatement Seals, with priorities set on the basis of an appropriate assessment method; and
  • To ensure the application of a consistent and robust methodology to imposing road improvement charges or works in respect of development activities, including timber harvesting operations; and
  • To provide a management tool to assist in the discharge of Council's duty of care obligations in the road network; and
  • To minimise Council's exposure to litigation by undertaking a program of affirmative action in inspecting, monitoring, assessing and responding to the condition of roads assets.

Road Network Management Plan (PDF) (1004.96 KIB) (adopted 24 April 2013 - Council Resolution 129/13)

Appendix A - Road Register Regional (PDF) (74.25 KIB)

Appendix B - Road Register Rural (PDF) (129.43 KIB)

Appendix C1 - Road Register Urban Tenterfield (PDF) (92.79 KIB)

Appendix C2 - Road Register Urben Villages (PDF) (83.34 KIB)

Appendix D - Road Maintenance Schedule 2013 (PDF) (203.22 KIB)