Frequently Asked Questions (Rates & Water)

Are all Rates and Charges limited by Rate-Pegging?

As a Pensioner are you eligible for a Concession/Rebate on your Rates?

Can Council Change the Category of your land?

Can Council's offer additional Concessions for Pensioners?

Can you be exempt from paying Council rates?

Can you object to what Council is proposing?

Can your rates increase by more than the rates-peg percentage?

Do you have to pay a Domestic Waste Management service charge if you don't use the service?

Does the amount of the concession increase with inflation or in line with rate increase?

How do you apply for a Pensioner Concession?

How does a Council decide how much you have to pay in Rates & Charges?

How does Council decide which category your property is in?

If you are eligible what Concessions are you entitled to?

If you don't use the service do you have to pay the same amount as those who do use it?

Is there any plan to increase the concession amounts?

Is there any way of knowing what your rates & charges will be before receiving your rates notice?

Is there any way that Council can increase their income by more than the rate-peg limit?

Is there any way to control the increase on rates & charges that are not subject to rate-pegging?

What can you do if you don't agree with the categorisation of your property?

What if you cannot afford to pay your rates?

What if you don't agree with the land value of your property?

What is rate pegging?

When are your rates due?

Why do you have to pay Council rates?

Why have water & sewerage charges changed?