Receive your Rates via Email

You can now have your Rates Notice emailed to your nominated email address.

1.         Scan the QR code printed on your Rates Notice.

A QR code looks like this. Just download a code reader app and scan away!







Or visit: and hit the register button.

2. Register your details and the next Rates Notice will be conveniently delivered to your nominated address.

Convenient and Easy – Perfect when you’re away from home.


Registration is Easy!

Signing up will also let you log in to view your notices online at any time!

Step 1
Complete the online registration form Enter your name exactly as it appears on the notice, include spaces and symbols.
Enter your property’s assessment number Choose a username, make it easy to remember so you can log in later.

Step 2
Check your inbox.
Click the link, it lasts 48 hours!

Step 3
Choose a password.
Use this along with your username to log in.

That’s it! You will now receive notices in your inbox, and can log in to view them online at any time.

Go Green, Go Electronic- Receive Your Rates Via Email