Tenterfeld Industrial Real Estate

The Tenterfield Industrial Estate provides a great value site for all kinds of business, from local enterprise to freight providers and warehouses. Anyone interested please contact Mr Harry Bolton on (02) 6736 6000.

Considerations for Prospective Industrial Land Developers

The Tenterfield Shire Council Chief Executive has the authority to negotiate terms and agreement for the sale of Council Tenterfield Industrial Land

Terms for Negotiating:   

A reduction in purchase price may be negotiated if the development is deemed to have a positive effect on the Tenterfield community. Issues to be considered include:

  • Cost of construction and employment benefits during construction;
  • Is this a new business or expansion of an existing business;
  • Is this a relocation of an existing business;
  • Number of full time/part time and casual employees involved in the business;
  • Potential future growth of business.

The Successful Applicant will Agree to the Following Conditions:

 Construction work must be completed within two (2) years of signing the agreement with the Tenterfield Shire Council

The Industrial Land remains the property of the Tenterfield Shire Council until completion of the construction work.

For further information or to discuss purchase of a site on the Tenterfield Industrial Park contact the Tenterfield Shire Council’s Senior Economic Development Officer.  


For more information and pictures of the Industrial Estate please click here.. (link is external)