Fun Run / Bike Rides / Motorcross Events and Other Activities involving Roads

If you are planning on holding a fun run, cycling event, trail bike ride, rally or walkathon, the approval of Council (through the Local Traffic Committee) is necessary as well as possibly the Roads and Maritime Service and the Police. In order to allow sufficient time to process these requests, applicants are requested to lodge their applications at least 3 months prior to the scheduled date. For further Information please contact the Office of the Chief Operating Officer on 02 6736 6001.

Some events held on private land will also require the lodgement of a Development Application for “temporary use of land.”  Please contact Council’s Office of the Chief Corporate Officer for more information on 02 6736 6002.



Office of the Director of Engineering/Infrastructure - (02) 6736 6001

Office of the Chief Corporate Officer - (02) 6736 6002

Administrative Office - (02) 6736 6000

Email -