Level 4.7 Water Restrictions Currently Apply for Tenterfield

A new Level 4.7 Water Restriction was introduced on Friday, 1 November 2019 to assist the community to manage the dwindling water resources of the Tenterfield Town Water Supply.

Level 4.7 Water Restriction to the Tenterfield Town Water Supply which aims to reduce demand on the potable water supply and imposes the following restrictions:

  • Bulk potable water cartage from Council’s water dispensing station only available for potable water carriers, registered with Council, with tanks greater than 6 KL;
  • Potable water carriers to enter into a purchase agreement with Council to only dispense water to tanks connected to residences; 
  • Registered Water Carters for Tenterfield
    • AB Contracting - Allan & Tina Bulmer (02) 6737 3768 or 0413 452 998,  
    • Townes Contracting - Sharon Bonnici (02) 6736 3097 or 0428 728 640  
    • Graham & Son - Col Graham - 0427 637 783
  • Banned: Micro sprays/garden watering systems, hand held hoses, filling and topping up of pools and spas. Bucket watering only permitted.
  • Public Gardens – use of potable water banned.  Council can use non potable, treated water from the Sewage Treatment Plant with appropriately signed water carts to help retain public green space trees and garden beds, but not ovals or public playing areas;
  • Sports grounds and Show ground – banned from watering with potable water;
  • Market Gardens – limited to sprinklers for 1 hour/day (5.00 pm to 6.00 pm);
  • Nurseries – limited to hand held hoses for 1 hour/day (5.00 pm to 6.00 pm) OR microsprays for ½ hour/day (5.30 pm to 6.00 pm);
  • Banned – all washing of motor vehicles, fountains and auto flush systems (as per existing Level 4 Water Restrictions);
  • Ready Mixed Concrete – potable water use banned.  Allowance will be made for possible access to non potable, treated water from the Sewage Treatment Plant for concrete production;
  • Stock Troughs – Banned from the reticulation system - Apex Park Bore is now available on the southern end of town for residents to use for free stock water.
  • Other uses – subject to Council approval.

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