Media Release - Lack of Water Inhibits Road Grading - Mayor's Plea for Motorists to Drive to Road Conditions - 7 February 2019

Council is seeing an increasing level of concern regarding it’s road maintenance grading program, but unfortunately the continuation of dry conditions is having a severe impact on this as well.

Council’s water trucks are now not able to access water on their runs as creeks have stopped running and landholders are, understandably, not willing to allow Council to take water.

Dry grading of roads is largely a waste of time and money.  Corrugations can be cut off, however the resultant road will only last a short while before corrugating again.  In addition, dry grading leaves uncompacted, loose, dry material on the roads, particularly on curves.

Council is of the view that it is safer to have consistent driving conditions, even if those conditions are not great.

Mayor Peter Petty endorsed the operational plan for Council’s roads crews to cut back on road maintenance grading during this dry period and undertake drainage works to enhance future road works and to erect signage on the worst road sections in the interests of road safety.

“The travelling public and road users throughout our Shire are reminded of the need to drive to the current road conditions”.  Mayor Petty said.

“We have seen a spate of incidents on gravel roads, however the bottom line is that the changing works response to the dry is part of Council’s due diligence.  There are real potential consequences if Council were to continue to dry grade roads and we ask that the good management of the Shire road network be respected”, Mayor Petty added.

Ongoing inspections of the road network are being undertaken with a view to identifying locations of substantial change in road surface conditions and the erection of signage to advise of the potential hazards.

Media Contact: Chief Executive, Terry Dodds on 02 6736 6000.