Media Release - Save Our Recycling - Local Residents invited to have their say on Household Recycling in NSW

Residents in Tenterfield Shire Local Government area are being asked to take part in a landmark recycling survey amid the deepening recycling crisis.

The survey has been launched as part of Local Government NSW’s Save our Recycling campaign which calls for a state-wide approach to recycling which will allow us to collect, process and reuse recyclable material here in NSW.

LGNSW President Linda Scott said the survey was a pertinent opportunity for local Tenterfield residents to share their attitudes towards recycling and play an active role in combating the current recycling crisis enveloping NSW.

Until recently, our recycling systems have relied heavily on the export of recycling to countries that have invested in the facilities to reprocess it, such as China and Malaysia.  These countries are now winding back the amount of recycling they will accept which means we urgently need to come up with a new solution for waste management here in NSW.

Survey participants will be asked a series of questions on their attitudes towards recycling, their individual recycling behaviours and their knowledge of NSW’s current recycling system.

“Council has endorsed support of the Save our Recycling campaign because across our Shire we have already observed huge public support for recycling as it is a practical measure that helps the environment”, Mayor Peter Petty said. 

“In addition, Council is also supporting it’s Chief Executive Terry Dodds as he calls on the State Government to investigate Waste to Energy as a waste disposal alternative for waste that would otherwise end up in landfill.”

“In 2017-18, the NSW Government collected $727 million in from industry, business and Local Government through the Waste Levy, with $300 million of that paid by Councils.”

“Currently, only about 18% of the $300 million paid by Councils is reinvested into local recycling and waste management, with the rest disappearing into Government coffers”, Mayor Petty added.

This survey is an important opportunity for local Tenterfield Shire residents to have their say on recycling and to help shape the future of recycling in NSW.

Take part in the survey:

Media Contact: Chief Executive, Terry Dodds on 02 6736 6000