Media Release - Tenterfield Water Supply Emergency Water Search & Drilling Program

Works are continuing to improve water security for Tenterfield.

The scope of the water security works currently being undertaken includes the establishment of multiple water supply bores, construction of one or more rising mains from the bore sites to the water treatment plant  and the provision of an emergency water treatment facility to treat the ground water in case the Tenterfield  Dam runs dry.

Whilst it is pleasing that a good source of water has been identified in the vicinity of the Tenterfield Transport Museum, it is essential to establish at least two or more water sources each geologically separated in case of unexpected bore failure.

The process that Council follows to establish a production bore includes the identification of potential borehole sites by virtual drilling, test bore construction, installation of bore casing, 72 hour test pump followed by water level recovery monitoring.  As part of this process, Council is also required to monitor the impact on nearby bores and wells.

Should the test bore be considered to be beneficial, an application is made to the Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) for a Works Approval to construct a production bore.   Prior to issuing works approvals, NRAR takes into account any impact that may be caused to nearby bores.

The test bore construction phase is expected to come to completion before the end of November, and some of the more desirable bores will be converted to production bores.  Whilst the town can survive on a flow rate of 10.5L/s during drought conditions, for water security it is essential that Council is able to access at least this flow from multiple sources so that in the event of failure Council can switch from one water aquifer system to another.