Media Release - Upgrade To Apex Park Bore To Ensure Reliability

Council Workshop staff have just completed the installation of an upsized solar array and battery bank at the Apex Park bore site to provide a dependable energy source for this service.

The new system has capacity to run the water delivery pump for a least a week in the event of cloud cover and the solar array has the capacity to deliver 600 Watts (32 amps @ 12 volts) which is seven times the current draw of the pump. This means that the array only requires 2 to 3 hours of sun per day to more than keep up with the pump’s energy consumption.

The 4 panels are mounted on the top of the water tank, which is the best location, given the tree cover at the site. The panels are also well above the flood line for when we finally get some rain.

In addition, fill time for a 1000 litre container has decreased from over 20 minutes to just on 13 minutes due to the higher maintained voltage.

Mayor Peter Petty expressed his sincere thanks to the Council staff involved.

“Given the high use that this free water source is getting, ensuring the reliability and lessening the fill time will mean that water can be obtained all the time by those  needing to use this facility”, Mayor Petty said.


Media Contact: Mayor Peter Petty

Phone: 0411 475 301