Media Release - Water Update - Tenterfield Dam Supply - 14 March 2019

As the Tenterfield Dam water level continues to drop rapidly, Council is imploring the community to take personal responsibility for their water usage to assist in mitigating the likelihood of the need to truck water into Tenterfield at huge expense.

Level 4 Restrictions have now been in place since mid February 2019 and although the water usage in Tenterfield Township has reduced, our potable water resource is rapidly diminishing and will result in the imposition of severe Level 5 restrictions once the dam capacity reaches 15%.

Southern Downs Regional Council have enacted Extreme Water Restrictions today with a target consumption of 120 litres per person per day.  These Restrictions apply to the village of Jennings.

Access to the Water Dispensing Station will remain at this stage, pending the activation of the Apex Park bore for stock water in approximately 2 weeks.  However, this bore water will be limited and a disclaimer required as the water has a high iron content and is suitable for stock only.

Difficult as it may be, users of the Water Dispensing Station are asked to access it for potable water for home use only and not deplete this valuable resource for livestock use.  Once Apex Park bore water is available, it is anticipated at best that only licensed water carriers will have access to the Water Dispensing Station and all enquiries for potable water will need to be made through them.

Hugely disturbing and concerning are reports of personal water tanks in town being filled so that gardens can continue to be watered, water being allowed to run off gardens into the gutter, washing of house walls and persons filling pods at the Water Dispensing Station to use on gardens.  Be assured that if you have a green lawn and healthy garden you will attract attention and that tank water can be checked for the presence of chlorine and fluoride.

In the coming weeks, all residents will receive a pamphlet providing additional information and updates on our water situation and giving water saving tips.

Media Contact: Chief Executive, Terry Dodds on 02 6736 6000.