Reduced Pool Fees for January 2020

Tenterfield Shire Council has received a Drought Stimulus - Regional School Holiday Activities Grant through the Regional Growth Fund offered by Regional NSW. Council has resolved to use this funding for a reduction of entry fees to the Tenterfield War Memorial Baths (Pool).

Between 1 - 31 January 2020, JUST Sport & Fitness together with Tenterfield Shire Council, will be offering the community a discount of 50% to all patrons purchasing a general admission entry fee at the gate for use of the Pool. All holders of season passes purchased prior to December 2019, will also be eligible for a percentage refund for January 2020.  The refund is available on request of the user through Council Administration.

The Pool was previously closed due to issues with town water ash contamination and the inability to achieve the water quality and clarity desired for swimming.  These issues have now been resolved.

“JUST Sports & Fitness and Council are pleased to work together to offer reduced fees to the Tenterfield community to enable respite from the intense drought and surrounding bush fires during this extremely hot summer” Mayor Peter Petty said.

“Having a place to cool off will positively contribute to the physical, mental and social health of the community as well as give people something to look forward to through the holiday season”, Mayor Petty added.