Application for Development

Before submitting an application to Council it is strongly recommended that the applicant discusses the proposal with a staff member within the Department. Please call the office on (02) 6736 6002 to arrange a pre-lodgement meeting.

Basic steps to follow:

  1. Confirm with the appropriate Council Officer:
  • that an application is needed,
  • what application will be compulsory for your proposal
  • what information you are required to provide on the lodgement of your proposal.

Compliance with relevant Acts, Regulations, and Codes along with Council Policies, Conditions and Plans will apply.

  1. Prepare and lodge your application with Council.  All Council fees must be paid at this stage.  Your Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) must be noted in the application along with relevant plans, BASIX certificate and a Section 68 (Local Approval) application if relevant (see the information below on application forms, or contact a Council Officer to clarify what application forms you will need to submit depending upon your specific development).
  2. When/If your proposal is approved, thoroughly read through all conditions of consent imposed by Council and ensure that these conditions are met during the entire development process. Your proposal may need a Construction Certificate before works can be started. It will be stated in the conditions whether this is a requirement.
  3. Notify Council at least 48 hours before the works commence.
  4. Where required, an Occupation Certificate must issued before occupying a building.

If you wish to make an appeal, a modification or withdraw your application, please contact Council.


Phone: 02 6736 6002


Application for Development