Complying Development Certificate Notification Changes

Recent changes to State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes 2008) have expanded the requirements for advising neighbours about proposed building works in residential areas, where Council has received an application for Complying Development.  These requirements are intended to encourage greater communication between applicants and their neighbours about their proposed works.

Council is now required to give advice in writing to neighbours within a twenty (20) metre radius of the site fourteen (14) days before the Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is determined.

Council’s 2013/2014 fees & charges includes an amount of $66.00 for ‘Neighbour Notification’ – this fee will be added to the scheduled Complying Development Certificate Application fee.

The notification applies when any of the following are proposed;

  • The construction of a new dwelling or an addition to an existing dwelling, or
  • The construction of a new group home or secondary dwelling, or
  • The demolition of a building.

Council’s notification letter will provide contact details of the applicant should neighbours wish to review and discuss the development plans.  Please note, the notification requirements are ONLY applicable when Council has received a CDC application and will not necessarily apply if a Development Application and Construction Certificate have been lodged with Council.