Located at the intersection of the New England and Bruxner Highways in the New England region of New South Wales, Tenterfield is the community centre for the large Tenterfield Shire. The Shires' heritage is indicative of an often colourful history dating back to European settlement in the 1830's and earlier as land of theĀ Jukembal Aborigines.

Heritage in the Tenterfield Shire is organised around major themes and dynamic forces which have moulded the people and environment into the form we know today. These themes and forces set the foundation for the Tenterfield Shire Wide Community Based Heritage Study 2004. The study sought to identify the processes and development forces which have shaped the landscapes and townscapes of the Shire leaving some physical evidence of past activities and lifestyles.

The Heritage Study provides the frame on which may be constructed the detailed tapestry of local history as well as providing a perspective beyond the immediate parameters of the Tenterfield Shire. It should be viewed as one step in a community process that is on-going through Council's Heritage Liaison Committee. The study provides a structure for local research and a springboard for historical monographs for the promotion of tourism and economic development.

The Tenterfield Shire Heritage Liaison Committee which has representatives of Council, Historical Society, Aboriginal Land Councils, Tourism, Economic Development and both urban and rural lifestyles is working to develop the appreciation and qualities of Tenterfield Shire heritage. The committees' work is based on the assumption that environments work better if the people who live, work and play here are actively engaged in its creation and management, not treated as passive consumers.

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