Relief for Our Farmers

The Drought Communities One Stop Shop will be visiting Tenterfield on 17 September, 10:00am to 2:00pm,  to provide assistance accessiong services to support  you, your family and friends. Come along for a chat and find out the support available.


The Drought Hub website is a central source of information for NSW Government drought assistance and support services for drought affected primary producers, their families and communities.

Visit Drought Hub for more information, news and updates.


Transport Subsidy Emergency Drought Releif - Guidelines

The NSW RAA has published new Guidelines for the Emergency Drought Transport Subsidy. Please see these here: Transport Subsidy Emergency Drought Releif - Guidelines

One major change is the inclusion of invoices dated from 1st January 2018 into the eligibility for the current financial year $40k cap for those farmers who have not made a previous claim prior to 30th June 2019. Prior to these new Guidelines these farmers would have missed out on claiming for that period. 

Note: Those farmers who have previously applied prior to 30th June 2019 will still need to get all their invoices for claims lodged by 30th September to have them included against the separate $40k cap available for the period ending 30th June 2019. 


Skills Training for Drought Affected Farmers and Businesses

The NSW Government is subsidising skills training for farmers and regional businesses impacted by the drought and looking to transition into new or updated career opportunities. 

Visit Traning Services NSW for further details.