About the Shire

Located a comfortable three hours drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Tenterfield & District provides the perfect Gateway to Big Sky Country - New England & North West New South Wales. Presenting four definite seasons against a backdrop of rugged mountain beauty and in contrast to the serenity of rural landscapes, the surrounding bushlands of Tenterfield & District becomes a colourful carpet of wildflowers in spring. Warm summer days are followed by cool evenings then transformed into a blaze of rich colours as tree lined streets change through the autumn hues. Brisk winter nights give way to the welcome warmth of winter sunshine. Tenterfield is truly a town for all seasons.

Further information can be obtained from the Tenterfield and District Visitors Information Centre -

Address: 157 Rouse Street, Tenterfield NSW 2372
Telephone: (02) 6736 1082
Website: http://www.tenterfieldtourism.com.au/

Email: info@tenterfieldtourism.com.au

Tenterfield Seasons