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School of Arts

Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School of Arts Photo by Reichlyn Photography

The Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School of Arts – Cinema, Theatre and Museum has re-opened following the temporary closure (30 July 2023).

The staged reopening, with the help of volunteers, sees the Museum open and the Cinema again screening films

through a community film society.

The Sir Henry Parkes School of Arts offers a fresh and exciting approach to Australian history, culture and environment, with a focus on Federation.

Stories of Australia’s history are told through exciting and innovative displays and the museum features the Banquet Hall, where Sir Henry Parkes delivered his famous Federation speech in 1889. A display of memorabilia from Parkes’ personal life, including a compelling portrait by Julian Ashton, ivory carvings and journals is situated in the gallery.

The School of Arts is owned by the National Trust, and in 1957 was the first building in NSW to be gifted to the trust by an act of parliament. The National Trust of Australia is committed to promoting and conserving Australia’s indigenous, natural and historic heritage through advocacy, conservation and educational programmes. Members of the National Trust receive free entry into the museum.

The complex also features the Tenterfield Cinema & Theatre. This charming cinema features state of the art digital projection and screenings of all the latest movies, as well as live performances of music and theatre.