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Tenterfield Saleyards

Saleyards Biosecurity Plan

Australia is free from many of the world’s most significant animal diseases. This enables animal production to be more efficient and underpins both domestic and global trade. Australia’s enviable animal health status is protected by the ‘Australian animal health system’. This is a collaborative arrangement involving Commonwealth, state and territory governments and each of Australia’s animal industries.

The system is led by policy and regulation but relies on the ongoing vigilance of livestock industry enterprises.

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Cattle Ticks

The cattle tick (Boophilus microplus) is the most serious external parasite of cattle in Australia. It is instrumental in transmitting tick fever and, if uncontrolled, can cause serious losses to the beef and dairy industries. In NSW, stockowners and Industry & Investment NSW work together to control and eradicate the tick in the far north-eastern corner of the state.

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Cattle Ticks