Council has implemented strict protocols to ensure we comply with directions issued by government in relation to managing the COVID 19 risk. These protocols apply to our staff, our customers and visitors to our premises, and councillors alike. Please be understanding that we will do our best to maintain services and help in what are unique and challenging circumstances.

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It is the pet/animal owner’s responsibility to ensure they have an adequate enclosure to contain their animals to their property. If the animal escapes it is the responsibility of the owner to take action and repair the enclosure to prevent animals from escaping. This includes not only companion animals but also stock and horses. Do not allow your dog to create a nuisance through barking, roaming or causing damage.

Failing to keep your animals contained to the property may result infringements being issued or the animal being impounded and you will incur fees for the release of the animal.

To report a nuisance dog contact Council’s Ranger on 02 6736 6000 or 0411 862 531.