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Level 2 Water Restrictions for Urbenville

Tooloom Creek is now approaching 60% capacity. Council has now enacted the Drought Management plan and issued the town of Urbenville with Level 2 water restrictions. This has been based on current capacity trends and short to mid-term rainfall forecasts.

Level 2 water restrictions is a high water restriction level and are designed to reduce normal daily household consumption by 10-20%, with a target of 250 – 280 litres per person per day. During this stage, policing of the restrictions is implemented and fines able to be issued.

These restrictions are implemented from Friday, 27th November 2020.

The Level 2 restrictions for domestic or residential properties include:

  • Use of fixed hoses / sprinklers & micro sprays limited to 15 minutes per day between 4:00pm and 9:00am
  • Hand held hoses limited to 30 minutes per day between 4:00pm and 9:00am – one hose per property
  • Filling of pools/spas is prohibited
  • Car washing and washing of hard surfaces can only be done using buckets

Commercial / industrial properties are now subject to more restrictions, including:

  • Hoses, sprinklers and micro sprays as per residential restrictions.
  • Businesses with essential water use, e.g. nurseries, can use a sprinkler for 2 hours per day.
  • No unattended hoses
  • Washing of cars by buckets only on grassed areas. Exemption may be granted if proof of water efficient devices is provided
  • No restriction on building construction, washing public paved areas, water carting, auto flush urinals / public toilets and ready mix concrete

Rural properties are now subject to restrictions:

  • Stock watering from a Council supply can only be undertaken with Council approval

Full information on water restrictions can be found on below, which includes public and commercial restrictions.