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Liston Anglican Church Photo By Paul Foley; Destination NSW

Situated high in the mountains of the Great Dividing Range, Liston is a small rural village surrounded by lush gently undulating country.

Nearby natural attractions include the Bald Rock national park with Australia’s largest granite monolith and Boonoo Boonoo national park with its spectacular waterfall, swimming and camping opportunities. To the east the hills fall away rapidly to Rivertree, the headwaters of the Clarence River.

The surrounding country is predominantly cattle grazing properties although lavender, fruit and vegetables are also produced. Historically this area was the centre of a busy tin and silver mining industry. However there are now only a few remaining remnants such as the historic Rivertree Chimney and the old settlers cemetery at Willson’s Downfall (on Tourist Drive 7).

Local establishments offer morning and afternoon tea for the traveler or a variety of accommodation options for those wishing to stay longer.