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Identifies priority weeds for the region to which “recommended measures to discharge General Biosecurity Duty” have been applied and articulates community expectations for managing these weeds in the region. These determinations are a result of the rigorous weed prioritisation and expert review process.

Below are the Weed Control Management Plans for the Priority weeds within the Northern Tablelands region and Tenterfield Shire.

African Boxthorn

African Lovegrass

Alligator Weed

Annual Rag Weed


Broad Leaf Privet

Cats Claw Creeper

Chilean Needle Grass

Coolatai Grass


Gorse Green Cestrum

Harrisia Cactus

Honey Locust

Mexican Water Lily

Montpellier Broom

Nodding Thistle

Serrated Tussock

Silverleaf Nightshade

St Johns Wort

Sweet Briar

Tropical Soda Apple

Water Hyacinth

Water Lettuce

Yellow Bells