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Council regularly has Documents on Public Exhibition inviting Submissions.

Specific information is contained within the documentation for each Document that is on Public Exhibition.


Tenterfield Shire Council DRAFT Plans on Public Exhibition for Community Comment

DRAFT Delivery and Operational Plan 2024/2025

DRAFT Fees & Charges 2024/2025

DRAFT Long Term Financial Plan 2024/2034

DRAFT Statement of Revenue Policy 2024-2025

The Tenterfield Shire Council DRAFT Plans, including the DRAFT Operational Plan 2024/2025; DRAFT Delivery Program 2024/2025; DRAFT Fees & Charges 2024/2025; DRAFT Long Term Financial Plan 2024/2034 and DRAFT Statement of Revenue Policy 2024/2025, are on public exhibition for community comment from Thursday 28 march 2024 Thursday 25 April 2024. The draft documents may be viewed on Council’s website or at the following locations:

  • Tenterfield Council Chambers
  • Tenterfield Library
  • Deepwater Post Office
  • Drake Village Resource Centre
  • Urbenville Progress Association
  • Legume General Store/Post Office
  • Liston Community Hall
  • Mingoola Progress Association

Submissions on the draft documents may be forwarded by email to or by mail to Tenterfield Shire Council, PO Box 214, Tenterfield NSW 2372 by 4.00pm on Thursday 25 April 2024..

Glenn Wilcox

General Manager

Tenterfield Shire Council – Draft Policies

Annual Leave Policy – DRAFT

Appointment and Oversight of the General Manager – DRAFT

Communications Device Policy – DRAFT

Mobile Phone Policy – DRAFT

Motor Vehicle Policy – DRAFT