Council has implemented strict protocols to ensure we comply with directions issued by government in relation to managing the COVID 19 risk. These protocols apply to our staff, our customers and visitors to our premises, and councillors alike. Please be understanding that we will do our best to maintain services and help in what are unique and challenging circumstances.

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All Council Policies are listed below.

For additional information, please contact the Executive Assistant on (02) 6736 6000 or email



Aboriginal Recognition of Protocol Policy 

Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems Policy

Affixing of Councils Seal to Documents Policy

Art Collection Policy

Asbestos Policy

Asset Management Policy

Australia Day Awards & Citizenship Ceremonies



Borrowing Policy

Burial On Private Rural Land Policy

Busking Policy

Buy Local Policy



Citizen and Customer Service Policy

Community Contributions/Donations Policy

Community Engagement Policy

Competitive Neutrality Complaints Policy

Complaints and Unreasonable Conduct Policy

Conference/Seminar/Training/Expenses Policy

Concealed Water Leakage Concession Policy

Construction And Maintenance Of Property Access From Council Roads Policy

Construction Over & Adjacent Stormwater, Sewer And Water Mains Policy

Corporate Credit Cards Policy

Councillor Expenses and Facilities

Councillors Access To Information And Interaction With Staff Policy



Debt Recovery Policy

Disclosures By Councillors Designated Persons Policy

Disposal Of Minor Assets Including Plant Material And Equipment Policy

Drinking Water Quality Policy



Employee Relations Policy

Enforcement Policy For Unlawful Activities

Exclusion for Disruptive or Abusive Citizens Customers Policy



Filming Policy

Flying Of Flags Policy

Footpath Activities Policy

Footpath Paving & Contribution Policy

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy

Fund Raising Stalls Policy

Funerary And Monumental Masonry Services Policy



Granting Of Pensioner Rate Concessions Policy



Internal Reporting – Public Interest Disclosures Policy

Investment Policy



Leave Policy

Legislative Compliance Policy

Library Services Policy

Light Motor Vehicle Policy

Limit Of Delegated Authority In Dealing With Development Applications And Complying Development Certificates Policy

Liquid Trade Waste Regulation Policy

Local Approvals Policy

Local Orders Policy

Local Orders For The Keeping Of Animals In Urban Areas Of Tenterfield Shire Policy



Maintenance Of Nature Strips Policy

Media Policy



On Site Sewage Management Policy



Plant Replacement Policy

Private Swimming Pools Safety Policy

Procurement Policy

Public Art Policy

Public Gates And Vehicle By Pass Policy



Rainwater Tanks Installation Requirements Where Reticulated Water Is Connected Policy

Rates Hardship Policy

Records Management Policy

Recruitment & Selection Policy

Related Party Policy

Risk Management Policy

Roadside Memorials Commemorative Markers Policy



Salary System Policy

School Of Arts Collections Acquisition and Deaccession Policy

School Of Arts Theatre Cinema Front Of House Policy

School of Arts – Use for Weddings and other activities policy

Sewerage – Septic Tank Connections Policy

Statement Of Business Ethics Policy

Succession Planning Policy



Tenterfield CBD Works Policy

Transfer Of Land In Payment Of Rates Policy


Variation of Sewage Discharge Factor Policy

Volunteers Policy



Water Concession For Medical Conditions Policy

Water Service Connections Policy

Water Supplies & Sewerage Services Contributions To Water Policy

Work Health and Safety Policy

Workforce Development Policy

Workplace Rehabilitation and Return to Work Policy

Workplace Surveillance Policy

Writing Off Of Debts Policy