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In accordance with the Protection of the Environment Act 1977 and the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 2009, Tenterfield Shire Council (TSC) of the POEO Act that holders of an Environment Protection Licence (Licensess’) make their Analyte Monitoring Data publicly available.

Provided below is a file containing the Analyte Monitoring Data for waste landfilling operations at the Boonoo Boonoo Landfill (EPA Licence 11435) located at 1578 Mt Lindesay Road, Boonoo Boonoo, NSW 2372.

Please click on the below link to view the full 11435 Licence.

Licence 11435 Boonoo Boonoo Landfill Variation 6-2-2015


Licence Monitoring Points

Please click on the link below to view the full monitoring data.

Should you require further information, please contact the Office of the Chief Operating Officer on 02 6736 6000.

Licence Monitoring Points