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Australia has one of the highest rates of Pet Ownership in the world. Pets make wonderful companions and are highly valued family members.

Companion Animal Owners within the Tenterfield Shire must ensure they not only care for their pet by providing food, water and adequate shelter they must also comply with legislative requirements ensuring their pet is permanently identified (microchipped), registered, contained to their property and walked on a lead. It is every Pet/Animal Owners responsibility to ensure they are complying with the requirements. Failing to do so may result in the issuing of infringements or impounding/seizing offending animals.

How to be a responsible pet owner

  • Microchip your pet
  • Register your pet
  • Always keep you animals contained to the property in an adequate enclosure.
  • Dogs must always be under effective control (on lead) in public places
  • Always pick up after your dog.
  • Do not allow your dog to create a nuisance through barking, roaming or causing damage.

Complaints about Companion Animals

Barking – Ensure your pet is not causing a nuisance through barking.

Determine why the dog is barking. Make sure that you do not reward your dog for barking. Don’t pay attention when it barks, instead give the dog attention when it is quiet.

If the dog is barking at people or noises on the other side of a fence, move the dog to another part of the yard, or put up a barrier to keep the dog away from that area.

If the dog barks at regular disturbances such as rubbish trucks or children walking to school, keep the dog in an enclosed area or inside at these times.

If the dog races along a path or fence barking at passing distractions, put barriers or obstacles in the dog’s way to slow it down.

Roaming – Ensure your pet is contained to the property.

It is the pet/animal owner’s responsibility to ensure they have an adequate enclosure to contain their animals to their property. If the animal escapes it is the responsibility of the owner to take action and repair the enclosure to prevent animals from escaping. This includes not only companion animals but also stock and horses.

Failing to keep your animals contained to the property may result infringements being issued or the animal being impounded and you will incur fees for the release of the animal.

If you have a question about the keeping of animals in the Tenterfield shire or you would like to lodge a complaint please contact Council direct on (02) 6736 6000    alternatively you can view Councils

Local orders for the Keeping of Animals in Urban Areas of Tenterfield Shire Policy located here