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Important information that will assist ratepayers.

Liability for Rates

A person who disposes of an estate or an interest in land continues to be liable for payments of a rate or charge levied in respect of the land if the rates were levied before the estate or interest was disposed, or after the estate was disposed of but before Notice of Transfer is given to Council.

Payment in Full

If you intend to pay rates and charges in full, the payment must be received by 31 August of the current rating year.


Please refer to the front of your Rate Notice for the payment amounts and due dates for each instalment.  Instalment notices will be sent one (1) month before each payment is due.  Sufficient time should be allowed to ensure payment is received on or before the due date when paying by post, as postal delays will not be accepted as an excuse for late payment.

Arrangements to pay Rates and Charges

In certain circumstances, alternative arrangements for payment of rates and charges may be made but interest charges may still apply.  Please contact Council’s Rates Department if you have a problem with paying rates and charges by the due date shown on your notice.

Interest Charges

Amounts not received by the due date are subject to daily interest charges.  The interest rate is shown on the front of your Rate Notice.  If there are arrears of rates and charges shown on your Rate Notice, they will be accruing interest and should be paid immediately as the due date for payment does not refer to rates and charges in arrears.


If you have a Pensioner Concession Card and a rebate does not appear on your Rate Notice, please contact Council’s Rates Department. Should you become a Pensioner after the date on your Rate Notice, a rebate may be proportionate to the number of full instalments remaining. A rebate can only be claimed for your principal place of residence. This address must be the same as on your Pensioner Concession Card. Download Pensioner Concession Form.


The Local Government Act 1993 requires all land to be categorised according to its dominant use.  There are four categories: Farmland, Residential, Mining and Business.  If you disagree with the category shown on the initial Rate Notice, or the dominate use of the land has been changed, please contact Council’s Rates Department immediately.  They will advise you on how the category may be reviewed, or on how to lodge an appeal.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Council advises that there is no GST included on Ordinary Rates, Water and Sewerage annual charges, Domestic Waste Management charges and Commercial Waste Management Charges.