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Collection days for Tenterfield residential area:

  • East of Rouse Street  – Tuesdays
  • Mt Lindesay Road – Wednesdays
  • West of Rouse Street  – Thursdays

Collection days for Urbenville residential area:

  • Wednesdays

Please place your bin out the evening before to ensure collection.

To ensure your bin is collected, please place your bin out for collection in the following manner:

  • On the edge of the kerb,
  • On even ground,
  • No closer than 1m from another object (ie tree, power pole, guard rail etc),
  • No closer than 0.5m from another bin,
  • Do not overload your bin,
  • Do not place it in behind a parked car and do not park your car in front of it.

Damaged Bins

Contact Council to complete a form for bin replacement.

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