Council has implemented strict protocols to ensure we comply with directions issued by government in relation to managing the COVID 19 risk. These protocols apply to our staff, our customers and visitors to our premises, and councillors alike. Please be understanding that we will do our best to maintain services and help in what are unique and challenging circumstances.

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Council has undertaken a review of the operation of its Committees to ensure demonstration of clear links with the goals of Council’s Delivery Program, while meeting required standards of governance.

Meeting details and times for all Community Committees and Engagement Forums will be advertised in “Your Local News” and on Council’s website under “News”.

Community Committees

To facilitate and encourage community participation, a Committee structure has been adopted as one way in which citizens can become involved.  Becoming a member of one of the following Committees is a great way to contribute to our community:

  • Tenterfield Saleyards Advisory Committee;
  • Aboriginal Advisory Committee;
  • Heritage Advisory Committee;
  • Disability, Inclusion & Access Advisory Committee;
  • Parks, Gardens & Cultural Advisory Committee; and
  • Tourism Advisory Committee.

Community Engagement Forums

Council has also established the following Community Engagement Forums with focus on the following areas:

  • Our Society – covering areas of Library Services, Community Development, Swimming Pool, Sporting Grounds & Facilities, Public Buildings & Amenities, Public Health, Cemeteries, Regulation & Animal Control and Emergency Services.
  • Our Environment – covering areas of Environmental Management, Waste Management, Parks & Open Space, Water Supplies, Sewerage Services, Stormwater & Drainage and Development Control.
  • Our Economy – covering areas of Tourism & Promotion, Economic Development, Land Use Planning, Sealed Road Network, Unsealed Road Network, Bridges & Culverts, Footpaths & Cycleways, Quarries and Plant & Equipment.

Register of Committees