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This plan is known as the Tenterfield Development Control Plan (DCP) 2014 and it applies to the Tenterfield Shire Local Government Area (LGA).

The DCP was adopted by Council on 27 August 2014 (Res No. 308/14) and becomes operational upon notification in the Tenterfield Star, being 10 September 2014.

The purpose of this Plan is to provide guidelines, objectives and controls for people who wish to carry out development in the Tenterfield Local Government Area.

The DCP should be read in conjunction with the Tenterfield Local Environmental Plan 2013 and any relevant State and Regional Environmental Planning policies, bearing in mind that a proposal may be affected by more than one chapter of the DCP.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to discuss their development proposals at an early stage via Council’s pre-lodgement advice service with relevant staff to ensure compliance with the requirements of the DCP.

It should be noted that Council may vary the acceptable solutions detailed in the DCP, depending on the circumstances attached to a particular proposal.

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