Council has implemented strict protocols to ensure we comply with directions issued by government in relation to managing the COVID 19 risk. These protocols apply to our staff, our customers and visitors to our premises, and councillors alike. Please be understanding that we will do our best to maintain services and help in what are unique and challenging circumstances.

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The EMPLAN describes the co-ordinated response by various services including Council, SES, the NSW Police Force, RFS, FACS and health services during emergencies.

This document supersedes previous DISPLANS and details arrangements that prevent or mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies within the Tenterfield Shire Council Area.

It covers:

  • Arrangements where a combat agency is in control;
  • Arrangements where a combat agency is in control and support is co-ordinated by the Local Emergency Operations Controller;
  • Emergency operations for which there is no combat agency;
  • Operations where a combat agency has passed control to the Local Emergency Operations Controller;
  • Operations at District or State level where the Local Emergency Operations Controller continues to co-ordinate local level operations.

Contact: Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO) – 0412 848 899 or 0400 263 932.